Erwin Manalang on HIGHLIFE Magazine

Business World's magazine on luxury living.
August-September 2011 issue.

Featured in the article "Cooking Class".
Innovations in kitchen area and
design insights shared by Architect Manalang

Kudos to Klaris for a great writeup!


Project N Ark

Design Chronicle

330 sqmts ISC structure
Assembly area/ training center
Skills training rooms
Public Toilets facilities


Youth Formation Center

Design Chronicle

215 sqmts Covered Center
Multi-purpose hall
Classroom/Computer room
Public Toilets facilities

431 sqmts Open Center
Play and exercise area
Grounds activity area


Essentiel Euro-mat

Design Chronicle
Specialty Distribution Facilities
108 sq. mts. Office
370 sq. mts. Dry Storage
Docking bays
System Racking


MetallFit Workshop

Design Chronicle
Light Manufacturing Shop
144 sq. mts. Steel structure
4 Modular bays
Raised platform


HomeFort Cluster

Design Chronicle
Mix-used Fort Complex
2 Dormitel structures
Bridgeway link
2 Warehouse depots


HomeFort Residences

Design Chronicle
496 sq.mts 3 storey dormitel
9 dwelling units + room sharing
individual laundry areas